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Richardson M, 2020, 'Drone cultures: encounters with everyday militarisms', Continuum,

Richardson M, 2019, 'Predictive Killing: Drone War and Algorithmic Opacities', Infrastructural Inequalities, vol. 1,

Richardson M, 2018, 'Climate Trauma, or the Affects of the Catastrophe to Come', Environmental Humanities, vol. 10, pp. 1 - 19,

Richardson M, 2018, 'Drone Capitalism', Transformations, vol. 31, pp. 79 - 97,

Richardson M, 2018, 'There's Something Going On', Capacious: Journal for Emerging Affect Inquiry, vol. 1, pp. 149 - 154,

Richardson M, 2017, 'Radical absence: encountering traumatic affect in digitally mediated disappearance', Cultural Studies, vol. 32, pp. 63 - 80,

Richardson M, 2017, 'The disgust of Donald Trump', Continuum, vol. 31, pp. 747 - 756,

Richardson M, 2017, 'Ghosting politics: Speechwriters, speechmakers and the (re)crafting of identity', Cultural Studies Review, vol. 23, pp. 3 - 17,

Richardson MA, 2017, 'Resonances of the Negative: Traumatic Affect and Empty Spaces of Writing', TEXT: Journal of Writing and Writing Programs,

Richardson MA, 2014, '"Every Moment is Two Moments": Witnessing and the Poetics of Trauma in Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels', Journal of Literature and Trauma Studies, vol. 3, pp. 81 - 99,

Richardson M, 2013, 'Writing Trauma: Affected in the Act', NEW WRITING-THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR THE PRACTICE AND THEORY OF CREATIVE WRITING, vol. 10, pp. 154 - 162,

Richardson MA, 2012, 'Who Speaks? Torture and the Ethics of Voice', TEXT Journal, vol. 16,

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