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Zalnieriute M, 2021, How Public Space Surveillance is Eroding Political Protests in Australia, Verfassungsblog | On Matters Constitutional, 14 December 2021,

Amankaviciute S; Pringle H; Zalnieriute M, 2021, Sexist Abuse Undermines Women’s Political Voices,

Zalnieriute M, 2021, A Dangerous Convergence: The Inevitability of Mass Surveillance in European Jurisprudence,

Zalnieriute M, 2021, Procedural Fetishism and Mass Surveillance under the ECHR: Big Brother Watch v. UK,

Zalnieriute M, 2020, Free Speech, Domain Names, and Trademarks: Reinforcing the Narrow Objectives of the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy, Oxford Law Faculty,

Churches G; Zalnieriute M, 2020, The Instrumentality of Metadata Access Regime for Suppressing Political Protests in Australia,

Churches G; Zalnieriute M, 2020, A Groundhog Day in Brussels: Schrems II and International Data Transfers,

Zalnieriute M, 2020, Due Process in Adjudication of Domain Names and Trademarks: Why the UDRP Procedure Has to Change, Oxford University,

Churches G; Zalnieriute M, 2020, A Window for Change: Why the Australian Metadata Retention Scheme Lags Behind the EU and USA,

Churches G; Zalnieriute M, 2019, Unlawful Metadata Access Is Easy When We’re Flogging a Dead Law,,0

Churches G; Zalnieriute M, 2019, Unlawful metadata access is easy when we're flogging a dead law,

Churches G; Zalnieriute M, 2019, Unlawful metadata access is easy when we’re flogging a dead law,

Zalnieriute M, 2019, To Forget, But Not Forgive: Why the CJEU’s Latest Ruling on Google and the ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ is Not at All a Win for US Tech Giants, European Journal of International Law,

Zalnieriute M, 2019, Technology, Private Companies and Human Rights: Why the Current International Legal Framework Isn’t Enough,

Zalnieriute M, 2019, Why the coalition blinked on the facial recognition database, Australian Financial Review,

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