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Nazari V; Pouladian M; Zheng Y-P; Alam M, Compact Design of A Lightweight Rehabilitative Exoskeleton for Restoring Grasping Function in Patients with Hand Paralysis,

Tharu N; Alam M; Bajracharya S; Kabir M, Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Among Caregivers Towards Pressure Ulcer in Spinal Cord Injury at Rehabilitation Center in Bangladesh,

Peh WYX; Alam M; Ahmed RU; Lee S; Ong LJ; Lu S; Mogan R; Gammad GGL; Ng KA; Rusly A; Nag S; Zheng Y-P; Yen S-C, Neuromodulation of pelvic nerve during early phase of spinal cord injury in rats using implantable prototype devices - a preliminary study,

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