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Collins MI; Campaioli F; Tayebjee MJY; Cole JH; McCamey DR, 2022, Quintet formation and exchange fluctuations: The role of stochastic resonance in singlet fission,

Baldacchino AJ; Collins MI; Nielsen MP; Schmidt TW; McCamey DR; Tayebjee MJY, 2022, Singlet Fission Photovoltaics: Progress and Promising Pathways,

Jiang Y; Nielsen MP; Baldacchino AJ; Green MA; McCamey DR; Tayebjee MJY; Schmidt TW; Ekins-Daukes NJ, 2020, Singlet fission and tandem solar cells reduce thermal degradation and enhance lifespan,

Collins MI; McCamey DR; Tayebjee MJY, 2019, Fluctuating exchange interactions enable quintet multiexciton formation in singlet fission,

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