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Monk A; Harris K; Donnolley NR; Hilder L; Humphrey M; Gordon A; Chambers G, 2016, Perinatal deaths in Australia, 1993-2012, AIHW, Canberra, Perinatal deaths series no. 1. Cat. no. PER 86,

Donnolley NR; Sullivan EA; Hilder L, 2014, Nomenclature for models of maternity care: literature review, July 2012 - Foundations for enhanced maternity data collection and reporting in Australia: National Maternity Data Development Project Stage 1, AIHW, Canberra, Cat. no. PER 62

Donnolley NR; Li Z, 2012, Perinatal National Minimum Data Set compliance evaluation 2006 to 2009, AIHW National Perinatal Epidemiology and Statistics Unit, Sydney, Perinatal statistics series no. 26. Cat. no. PER 54,

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