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Stringer N; Haghdadi N; Bruce A; Riesz J; MacGill I, 2020, 'Observed behavior of distributed photovoltaic systems during major voltage disturbances and implications for power system security', Applied Energy, vol. 260,

Roberts MB; Haghdadi N; Bruce A; MacGill I, 2019, 'Characterisation of Australian apartment electricity demand and its implications for low-carbon cities', Energy, vol. 180, pp. 242 - 257,

Malik A; Haghdadi N; MacGill I; Ravishankar J, 2019, 'Appliance level data analysis of summer demand reduction potential from residential air conditioner control', Applied Energy, vol. 235, pp. 776 - 785,

Haghdadi N; Bruce A; MaCgill I; Passey R, 2018, 'Impact of Distributed Photovoltaic Systems on Zone Substation Peak Demand', IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, vol. 9, pp. 621 - 629,

Ma S; Pitman A; Hart M; Evans JP; Haghdadi N; MacGill I, 2017, 'The impact of an urban canopy and anthropogenic heat fluxes on Sydney's climate', International Journal of Climatology, vol. 37, pp. 255 - 270,

Ma S; Goldstein M; Pitman AJ; Haghdadi N; MacGill I, 2017, 'Pricing the urban cooling benefits of solar panel deployment in Sydney, Australia', Scientific Reports, vol. 7,

Haghdadi N; Copper J; Bruce A; MacGill I, 2017, 'A method to estimate the location and orientation of distributed photovoltaic systems from their generation output data', Renewable Energy, vol. 108, pp. 390 - 400,

Passey R; Haghdadi N; Bruce A; MacGill I, 2017, 'Designing more cost reflective electricity network tariffs with demand charges', Energy Policy, vol. 109, pp. 642 - 649,

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