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Kwok NM; Wang D; Ha QP; Fang G; Chen SY, 2013, 'Locally-equalized image contrast enhancement using PSO-tuned sectorized equalization', in Computational Intelligence in Image Processing, pp. 21 - 36,

Wang D; Kwok NM; Liu DK; Ha QP, 2009, 'Ranked Pareto Particle Swarm Optimization for Mobile Robot Motion Planning', in Liu D; Wang L; Tan KC (ed.), Design and Control of Intelligent Robotic Systems, Springer, Berlin / Heidelberg, pp. 97 - 118,

Ha QP; Kwok NM, 2007, 'Swarm-based cooperative control for group of mobile robots', in Pennacchio S (ed.), Emerging Technologies, Robotics, and Control Systems, edn. 1, The International Society for Advanced Research, Palermo, Italy, pp. 174 - 190

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