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Hui BB; Padeniya TN; Rebuli N; Gray RT; Wood JG; Donovan B; Duan Q; Guy R; Hocking JS; Lahra MM; Lewis DA; Whiley DM; Regan DG; Seib KL, 2022, 'A Gonococcal Vaccine Has the Potential to Rapidly Reduce the Incidence of Neisseria gonorrhoeae Infection among Urban Men Who Have Sex with Men', Journal of Infectious Diseases, vol. 225, pp. 983 - 993,

Zachreson C; Mitchell L; Lydeamore MJ; Rebuli N; Tomko M; Geard N, 2021, 'Risk mapping for COVID-19 outbreaks in Australia using mobility data', Journal of the Royal Society Interface, vol. 18, pp. 20200657,

Yan AWC; Black AJ; McCaw JM; Rebuli N; Ross JV; Swan AJ; Hickson RI, 2018, 'The distribution of the time taken for an epidemic to spread between two communities', Mathematical Biosciences, vol. 303, pp. 139 - 147,

Rebuli NP; Bean NG; Ross JV, 2018, 'Estimating the basic reproductive number during the early stages of an emerging epidemic', THEORETICAL POPULATION BIOLOGY, vol. 119, pp. 26 - 36,

Rebuli NP; Bean NG; Ross JV, 2017, 'Hybrid Markov chain models of S-I-R disease dynamics', JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL BIOLOGY, vol. 75, pp. 521 - 541,

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