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Tiverios N, 2019, Contractual Penalties in Australia and the United Kingdom: History, Theory and Practice, Federation Press, Sydney,

Book Chapters

Tiverios N; McFarlane B, 2020, 'Controlling Private Punishment in Three Dimensions: Penalties and Forfeiture in England and Australia', in Bant E; Goudkamp J; Courtney W; Paterson J (ed.), Punishment and Private Law, Hart, London

Tiverios N, 2020, 'Property, Therefore: Justifying Relief Against the Forfeiture of Personal Rights', in Tiverios N; Crawford M; Degeling S (ed.), Justifying Private Rights, Hart, London

Tiverios N, 2016, 'Doctrinal approaches to the law of penalties: A post-Andrews intention-based defence of relief against fixed contractual penalties', in Edelman J; Goudkamp J; Degeling S (ed.), Contract in Commercial Law, Thomson Reuters, pp. 457 - 492

Edited Books

Degeling S; Crawford M; Tiverios N, (eds.), 2021, Justifying Private Rights, Hart Publishing

Journal articles

Tiverios N, 2020, 'The forfeiture of contractual rights', Cambridge Law Journal, vol. 79, pp. 17 - 20,

Tiverios N, 2019, 'Melbourne Linh Son Buddhist Society Inc v Gippsreal Ltd: The Penalties Doctrine and the Loan Establishment Fee Conundrum', Monash University Law Review, vol. 44, pp. 723 - 735,

Tiverios N, 2017, 'A Restatement of Relief Against Contractual Penalties (II): A Framework for Applying the Australian and English Approaches', Journal of Equity, vol. 11, pp. 185 - 218

Tiverios N, 2017, 'A Restatement of Relief Against Contractual Penalties (I): Underlying principles in Equity and at Common Law', Journal of Equity, vol. 11, pp. 1 - 28

Tiverios N; McKay C, 2016, 'Orthodoxy lost: The (ir)relevance of causation in quantifying breach of trust claims', Australian Law Journal and Reports, vol. 90, pp. 231 - 248

Tiverios N, 2015, 'Raiders of the secured asset: The doctrinal rationalisation for the liquidator’s lien or charge over a secured asset post-Stewart v Atco', Insolvency Law Journal, vol. 23, pp. 101 - 115

Theses / Dissertations

Tiverios N, 2018, Relief Against Contractual Penalties in England and Australia: History, Theory and Practice

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