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Pan W, 2014, Love and Marriage in Globalizing China, Routledge

Pan W, 2014, Love and Marriage in Globalizing China, Routledge

Book Chapters

Wang P, 2023, 'Violence against Women: Can the Law Help?', in China Story Yearbook 2022: Chains,

Wang P, 2023, 'From patriarchal call to digital hunt: transforming “arranged marriages” in China’', in Berta P (ed.), Arranged Marriage: The Politics of Tradition, Resistance, and Change, Rutgers University Press, New Jersey

Wang P, 2022, '(Wo)men’s voices, rights, and the vision of the state', in China Story Yearbook: Contradictions,


Wang P, 2021, 'Women's bodies, intimate politics and feminist consciousness amid COVID-19', in China Story Yearbook 2020: Crisis, ANU Press,

Wang P, 2020, 'Love in China (1950-now)', in International Handbook of Love: Transcultural and Transdisciplinary Perspectives,

Wang P, 2020, 'International romance: changing discourses of Chinese–foreign intimacy in the decades of economic reforms', in sun W; Yang L (ed.), Love Stories in China The Politics of Intimacy in the Twenty-First Century, Routledge,

Wang P, 2019, 'Foreign nationals and Chinese-foreign marriages in cosmopolitan China: statistics, state policies and media discourse (2000–2012)', in Kochhar G (ed.), Modern China Society, Culture and Literature, Taylor & Francis,

Wang P, 2018, 'Millennial Meirenyu: Mermaids in 21st Century Chinese Culture', in Scaled for Success: The Internationalization of the Mermaid

Wang P, 2017, 'Foreign-related Marriages in Contemporary China (1979–2013)', in Handbook on the Family and Marriage in China

Wang P; Jeffreys EJ, 2017, 'Pathways to legalizing same-sex marriage in China and Taiwan: Globalization and “Chinese values', in Global Perspectives on Same-Sex Marriage A Neo-Institutional Approach, Palgrave Macmillan

Wang P; Hayward P, 2017, 'Mermaid-like a while”: Juvenile Mermaids and Aficionado Culture', in Making a Splash Mermaids (and Mer-Men) in 20th and 21st Century Audiovisual Media, Indiana University Press

2014, 'Television talk shows and Chinese–foreign marriage', in Love and Marriage in Globalizing China, Routledge, pp. 168 - 187,

Edited Books

Wang P, (ed.), 2024, Challenges in Multicultural Marriages and Families,

Journal articles

Wang P, 2024, 'Invited. Book Review. 2023 Sun Wanning, Love Troubles: Inequality in China and Its Intimate Consequences.', The China Journal

Wong HTH; Wang P; Sun Y; Newman CE; Vujcich D; Vaughan C; O'Connor CC; Jin D; Ogilvie E; Zhang Y; Mao L; Carter A, 2023, 'Is sex lost in translation? Linguistic and conceptual issues in the translation of sexual and reproductive health surveys', Culture, Health and Sexuality, 25, pp. 1 - 17,

Wang P, 2022, 'The cultural economy of Xiangqin: an analysis of the “intimate business” on Chinese television, date-renting sites and mobile phones', Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies,

Wang P, 2022, 'Going Solo: An Analysis of China’s ‘Single Economy’ through the Date-renting Industry', Asian Studies Review, 46, pp. 1 - 18,

Wang P, 2022, 'Love during China’s Cultural Revolution: evidence from a ‘sent-down’ couple’s private letters 1968–1977', History of the Family, 27, pp. 370 - 390,

Wang P, 2021, 'Lonely hearts look for love in China’s revolutionary dating landscape', East Asia Forum Quarterly, 13, pp. 19 - 23,

Jeffreys E; Wang P, 2021, 'Chinese–international intimate relations: An Australian case study of migrant marriage and divorce', Journal of Sociology, 57, pp. 898 - 915,

Wong HTH; Jin D; Wang P; Sun Y; Mao L; Zhang Y; Ogilvie E; Vujcich D; Newman C; O’Connor CC; Vaughan C; Carter A, 2021, 'Using Videoconferencing Focus Groups in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research With Chinese Im/Migrants in Australia', Qualitative Health Research, 31, pp. 2757 - 2769,

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Wang P, 2017, 'Inventing traditions: television dating shows in the People’s Republic of China', Media, Culture and Society, 39, pp. 504 - 519,

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Jeffreys E; Pan W, 2013, 'The rise of Chinese-foreign marriage in mainland China, 1979-2010', China Information, 27, pp. 347 - 369,

Conference Presentations

Wang P, 2019, 'Love in China', presented at the 9th Asian Conference on Cultural Studies and the 9th Asian Conference on Asian Studies, Tokyo, 24 May 2019 - 26 May 2019

Creative Written Works

Wang P, 2009, 嫣然一笑 (sweet smile),


Wang P, 2018, ABC News The World, ,

Wang P, 2016, Television dating shows China’s new matchmakers, ,


Wang P, 2023, Divorce as a “certificate of happiness” in modern China, East Asia Forum, ,

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Wang P, 2022, Navigating the tug-of-war: (wo)men’s voices, their rights, and the vision of the state, ,

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Wang P, 2016, How TV Dating Shows Helped Change Love and Marriage in China Forever, ,

Wang P, 2014, Domestic Violence in Asia: Globalization, Gender and Islam in the Maldives : Emma Fulu. London & New York: Routledge, 2014., Sookmyung Women's University, ,

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