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Kildea P, 2022, Letting the people decide: should Australia hold more referendums?, The Conversation,

Kildea P, 2022, Time to modernise: The future of constitutional review and referendums in Australia, AUSPUBLAW,

Kildea P, 2021, 1967 to 2021: What will a successful referendum look like in 2021/2022?,

Kildea P, 2021, How culture shapes Australia’s referendum record,

Kildea P, 2018, Getting to ‘Yes’: Why our approach to winning referendums needs a rethink,

Kildea P, 2017, Australia’s postal survey on same-sex marriage: a flawed process that should not be repeated,

Kildea P, 2017, Using the ABS to conduct a same-sex marriage poll is legally shaky and lacks legitimacy,

Kildea P, 2016, Improving the conduct of referendums: there are better options than a ‘truth commission',

Kildea P, 2016, With a vote delayed, where does this leave constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians?,

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