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Yeophantong P; Shih CY, 2021, 'A Relational Reflection on Pandemic Nationalism', Journal of Chinese Political Science, vol. 26, pp. 549 - 572,

Jiao Y; Yeophantong P; Lee TM, 2021, 'Strengthening International Legal Cooperation to Combat the Illegal Wildlife Trade Between Southeast Asia and China', Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, vol. 9,

Yeophantong P, 2020, 'Chinese Assertiveness and the Business of Politics in the South China Sea Dispute', Australian Naval Review, vol. 2020,

Yeophantong P, 2020, 'China and the Accountability Politics of Hydropower Development: How Effective are Transnational Advocacy Networks in the Mekong Region?', Contemporary Southeast Asia, vol. 42, pp. 85 - 117,

Yeophantong P, 2019, 'Risking Reputation: Is China a Rogue Investor?', East Asia Forum Quarterly, vol. 11, pp. 35 - 37

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Shih CY; Yeophantong P, 2017, 'On Chinese Non-Interventionism: Governance, Governability and Global Governance [in Chinese]', Social Sciences, vol. 439

Yeophantong P, 2016, 'China and Disaster Governance: Assessing the Domestic Sources of a Global Responsibility', Journal of Chinese Political Science, vol. 21, pp. 241 - 255,

Yeophantong P, 2015, 'Assessing Local Responses to Chinese-Backed Resource Development Projects in Myanmar and Cambodia: A Critical Survey', The Journal of Territorial and Maritime Studies, vol. 2, pp. 95 - 110

Yeophantong P, 2014, 'China’s Lancang Dam Cascade and Transnational Activism in the Mekong Region', Asian Survey, vol. 54, pp. 700 - 724,

Yeophantong P, 2013, 'Governing the World: China's Evolving Conceptions of Responsibility', The Chinese Journal of International Politics, vol. 6, pp. 329 - 364,

Maurin C; Yeophantong P, 2013, 'Going Global Responsibly? China's Strategies Towards “Sustainable” Overseas Investments', Pacific Affairs, vol. 86, pp. 281 - 303,

Yeophantong P, 2012, 'China, Responsibility, and the Politics of Regional Water Governance: the Case of the Lancang-Mekong River', Thammasat Review, vol. 15, pp. 59 - 75

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