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Deborah D; Travaglia J; Sarrami Foroushani P; Braithwaite J, 2013, CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT IN THE AGENCY FOR CLINICAL INNOVATION (ACI): Key stakeholder perspectives,

Schneider J; Sarrami Foroushani P; Bennett K; Bennett A; Grime P; Grove B; Leese M; McCrone P; Molosankwe I; Phillips R; Walker P; Morris R; Nel L; Thornicroft G, 2012, Computerised CBT for common mental disorders: RCT of a workplace intervention; Report to British Occupational Health Research Foundation,

Sarrami Foroushani P; Travaglia JF; Eikli M; Braithwaite J, 2012, Consumer and community engagement: a review of the literature, University of New South Wales, Centre for Clinical Governance Research, Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Sydney

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