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Tran-Phu T; Daiyan R; Leverett J; Fusco Z; Tadich A; Di Bernardo I; Kiy A; Truong TN; Zhang Q; Chen H; Kluth P; Amal R; Tricoli A, 2022, 'Understanding the activity and stability of flame-made Co3O4 spinels: A route towards the scalable production of highly performing OER electrocatalysts', Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. 429, pp. 132180 - 132180,

Lin Z; Zhang Q; Pan J; Tsounis C; Esmailpour AA; Xi S; Yang HY; Han Z; Yun J; Amal R; Lu X, 2022, 'Atomic Co decorated free-standing graphene electrode assembly for efficient hydrogen peroxide production in acid', Energy and Environmental Science, vol. 15, pp. 1172 - 1182,

Zhang Q; Zhe Ru ZL; Daiyan R; Kumar P; Pan J; Lu X; Amal R, 2021, 'Surface reconstruction enabled efficient hydrogen generation on a cobalt-iron phosphate electrocatalyst in neutral water', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol. 13, pp. 53798 - 53809,

Leverett J; Daiyan R; Gong L; Iputera K; Tong Z; Qu J; Ma Z; Zhang Q; Cheong S; Cairney J; Liu RS; Lu X; Xia Z; Dai L; Amal R, 2021, 'Designing Undercoordinated Ni-Nxand Fe-Nxon Holey Graphene for Electrochemical CO2Conversion to Syngas', ACS Nano, vol. 15, pp. 12006 - 12018,

Zhang Q; Kumar P; Zhu X; Daiyan R; Bedford NM; Wu KH; Han Z; Zhang T; Amal R; Lu X, 2021, 'Electronically Modified Atomic Sites Within a Multicomponent Co/Cu Composite for Efficient Oxygen Electroreduction', Advanced Energy Materials, vol. 11, pp. 2100303 - 2100303,

Zhang Q; Kumar P; Zhu X; Daiyan R; Bedford NM; Wu K; Han Z; Zhang T; Amal R; Lu X, 2021, 'Oxygen Reduction Reaction: Electronically Modified Atomic Sites Within a Multicomponent Co/Cu Composite for Efficient Oxygen Electroreduction (Adv. Energy Mater. 17/2021)', Advanced Energy Materials, vol. 11, pp. 2170067 - 2170067,

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Wu KH; Zhang Q; Lin Y; Ali MA; Zhao S; Heumann S; Centi G, 2020, 'Real-Time Carbon Monoxide Detection using a Rotating Gold Ring Electrode: A Feasibility Study', ChemElectroChem, vol. 7, pp. 4417 - 4422,

Tsounis C; Lu X; Bedford NM; Subhash B; Thomsen L; Zhang Q; Ma Z; Ostrikov K; Bendavid A; Scott JA; Amal R; Han Z, 2020, 'Valence Alignment of Mixed Ni-Fe Hydroxide Electrocatalysts through Preferential Templating on Graphene Edges for Enhanced Oxygen Evolution', ACS Nano, vol. 14, pp. 11327 - 11340,

Daiyan R; Lovell EC; Huang B; Zubair M; Leverett J; Zhang Q; Lim S; Horlyck J; Tang J; Lu X; Kalantar-Zadeh K; Hart JN; Bedford NM; Amal R, 2020, 'Uncovering Atomic-Scale Stability and Reactivity in Engineered Zinc Oxide Electrocatalysts for Controllable Syngas Production', Advanced Energy Materials, vol. 10, pp. 2001381 - 2001381,

Zhu X; Zhang D; Chen CJ; Zhang Q; Liu RS; Xia Z; Dai L; Amal R; Lu X, 2020, 'Harnessing the interplay of Fe–Ni atom pairs embedded in nitrogen-doped carbon for bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysis', Nano Energy, vol. 71, pp. 104597 - 104597,

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Daiyan R; Saputera WH; Zhang Q; Lovell E; Lim S; Ng YH; Lu X; Amal R, 2019, '3D Heterostructured Copper Electrode for Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Alcohols at Low Overpotentials', ADVANCED SUSTAINABLE SYSTEMS, vol. 3,

Zhang Q; Webster RF; Cheong S; Tilley RD; Lu X; Amal R, 2019, 'Ultrathin Fe-N-C Nanosheets Coordinated Fe-Doped CoNi Alloy Nanoparticles for Electrochemical Water Splitting', Particle and Particle Systems Characterization, vol. 36,

Lu X; Tan X; Zhang Q; Daiyan R; Pan J; Chen R; Tahini HA; Wang DW; Smith SC; Amal R, 2019, 'Versatile electrocatalytic processes realized by Ni, Co and Fe alloyed core coordinated carbon shells', Journal of Materials Chemistry A, vol. 7, pp. 12154 - 12165,

Zhang Q; Luo M; Sun Y-P; Liu Y; Cao A, 2016, 'Efficient Z-scheme photocatalyst from simultaneous decoration of In2S3 nanosheets and WO3 nanorods on graphene sheets', NANOTECHNOLOGY, vol. 27,

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