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Dixson G; Woolfenden S; Jayasinha R; Rawstorne P; Palmer K; Nathan S, 2018, 'Characteristics of Australian adolescent females in residential treatment who report using methamphetamines', Drug and Alcohol Review, vol. 37, pp. S384 - S393,

Burns K; Jayasinha R; Brodaty H, 2017, 'Evaluation of an Electronic App Developed to Assist Clinicians in the Management of Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD)', International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, vol. 33, pp. 902 - 910,

Nathan S; Rawstorne P; Hayen A; Bryant J; Baldry E; Ferry M; Williams M; Shanahan M; Jayasinha R, 2016, 'Examining the pathways for young people with drug and alcohol dependence: A mixed-method design to examine the role of a treatment programme', BMJ Open, vol. 6,

Otim ME; Jayasinha R; Forbes H; Shah S, 2015, 'Building evidence for peer-led interventions: Assessing the cost of the Adolescent Asthma Action program in Australia', Australian Journal of Primary Health, vol. 21, pp. 438 - 443,

Otim ME; Jayasinha R; Kelaher M; Houston ES; Anderson IP; Jan S, 2015, 'Priority setting in indigenous health: Why we need an explicit decision making approach', International Indigenous Policy Journal, vol. 6,

Wiles JL; Jayasinha R, 2013, 'Care for place: the contributions older people make to their communities.', J Aging Stud, vol. 27, pp. 93 - 101,

Poole T; Goodyear-Smith F; Petousis-Harris H; Desmond N; Exeter D; Pointon L; Jayasinha R, 2012, 'Human papillomavirus vaccination in Auckland: reducing ethnic and socioeconomic inequities.', Vaccine, vol. 31, pp. 84 - 88,

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