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Win TM; Hesketh T; Eaton R, 2016, 'Robotic tower crane modeling and control (RTCMC) with LQR-DRO and LQR-LEIC for linear and nonlinear payload swing minimization', International Review of Automatic Control, vol. 9, pp. 72 - 87,

Moe Win T; Hesketh T; Eaton R, 2014, 'Construction tower crane simmechanics-visualized modelling, tower vibration impact on payload swing analysis and LQR swing control', International Review on Modelling and Simulations, vol. 7, pp. 979 - 993

Eaton RP; Katupitiya J; Siew KW; Howarth B, 2010, 'Autonomous farming: modelling and control of agricultural machinery in a unified framework.', International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications, vol. 8, pp. 444 - 457,

Howarth B; Katupitiya J; Eaton RP; Kodagoda S, 2010, 'A machine learning approach to crop localisation using spatial information.', International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology, vol. 39, pp. 101 - 108,

Cheng TM; Clements DJ; Eaton RP, 2009, 'Output feedback stabilization of nonlinear systems with uncertain integrators', International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, vol. 54, pp. 73 - 96

Zhang Y; Liu J; Hesketh T; Clements DJ; Eaton RP, 2006, 'A fault accommodation control for nonlinear systems', Cybernetics and Systems Analysis, vol. 42, pp. 8 - 17,

Zhang Y; Wang F; Hesketh T; Clements DJ; Eaton RP, 2005, 'Fault accommodation for nonlinear systems using fuzzy adaptive sliding control', International Journal of Systems Science, vol. 36, pp. 215 - 220,

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