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Wong SL; Awatade NT; Astore MA; Allan KM; Carnell MJ; Slapetova I; Chen P-C; Setiadi J; Pandzic E; Fawcett LK; Widger JR; Whan RM; Griffith R; Ooi CY; Kuyucak S; Jaffe A; Waters SA, Molecular dynamics and theratyping in airway and gut organoids reveal R352Q-CFTR conductance defect,

Ahmed-Cox A; Pandzic E; Johnston ST; Heu C; McGhee J; Mansfeld FM; Crampin EJ; Davis TP; Whan RM; Kavallaris M, Spatial-temporal analysis of nanoparticles in live tumor spheroids impacted by cell origin and density,

Kopecky C; Pandzic E; Parmar A; Szajer J; Lee V; Dupuy A; Arthur A; Fok S; Whan R; Ryder WJ; Rye K-A; Cochran BJ, Translocator Protein Localises To CD11b+ Macrophages In Atherosclerosis,

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