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Habibalahi A; Moses D; Campbell J; Mahbub S; Barbour AP; Samra JS; Haghighi KS; Gebski VJ; Goldstein D; Goldys E, Computed Tomography Radiomics Signatures: Sensitive biomarkers for clinical decision support in pancreatic cancer- a pilot study,

Habibalahi A; Campbell JM; Mahbub SB; Anwer AG; Nguyen LT; Gill AJ; Wong MG; Chou A; Pollock CA; Saad S; Goldys EM, moRphology - dEep Learning Imaging Cells (RELIC) - to Differentiate Between Normal and Pathological Kidney Exfoliated Cells,

Habibalahi A; Bertoldo MJ; Mahbub SB; Campbell JM; Goss DM; Ledger WL; Gilchrist RB; Wu LE; Goldys EM, NMN treatment reverses unique deep radiomic signature morphology of oocytes from aged mice,

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