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Blackman D; Buick F; O'Donnell M, 2021, 'Designing performance management to be an ethical tool', in Blackman D; Buick F; Gardner K; Glennie M; Johnson S; O'Donnell M; Olney S (ed.), Handbook on Performance Management in the Public Sector, Edward Elgar, pp. 294 - 307

Blackman D; Johnson S; Dickinson H; Dewey L, 2018, 'Developing and Recruiting the Future Public Servant', in Dickinson H; Needham C; Mangan C; Sullivan H (ed.), Reimagining the Future Public Service Workforce, Springer, Singapore, pp. 111 - 123,

Johnson S, 2016, 'Recruiting for Commitment and Performance', in Blackman D; Teo S (ed.), Human Capital Management Research Influencing practice and process, IAP, USA, pp. 81 - 97

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