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Bose G; Jain T; Walker S, 2022, 'Women's labor force participation and household technology adoption', European Economic Review, vol. 147, pp. 104181 - 104181,

Walker S, 2021, 'The Origins of Asset Management from 1700 to 1960: Towering Investors', JOURNAL OF PENSION ECONOMICS & FINANCE,

Walker S, 2020, 'Historical legacies in savings: Evidence from Romania', Journal of Comparative Economics, vol. 48, pp. 76 - 99,

Alix-Garcia J; Walker S; Bartlett A, 2019, 'Assessing the direct and spillover effects of shocks to refugee remittances', World Development, vol. 121, pp. 63 - 74,

Munro PG; Bartlett AL; Dhizaala JT; Laloyo SA; Oswin SO; Walker S, 2019, 'International fieldschool reciprocity: using a whole-of-university approach to create positive change in Northern Uganda', Higher Education Research & Development, vol. 38, pp. 1461 - 1474.,

Walker S, 2018, 'Cultural barriers to market integration: Evidence from 19th century Austria', Journal of Comparative Economics, vol. 46, pp. 1122 - 1145,

Alix-Garcia J; Walker S; Radeloff V; Kozak J, 2018, 'Tariffs and trees: The effects of the Austro-Hungarian customs union on specialization and land-use change', Journal of Economic History, vol. 78, pp. 1142 - 1178,

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Walker S; Butsic V; Baumann M; Shortland A; Kuemmerle T, 2015, 'Conservation and Conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: the Impacts of Warfare, Mining, & Protected Areas on Deforestation', Biological Conservation, vol. 191, pp. 266 - 273,

Munteanu C; Kuemmerle T; Boltiziar M; Butsic V; Gimmi U; Lúboš Halada ; Kaim D; Király G; Konkoly-Gyuró E; Kozak J; Lieskovský J; Mojses M; Müller D; Ostafin K; Ostapowicz K; Shandra O; Štych P; Walker S; Radeloff VC, 2014, 'Forest and agricultural land change in the Carpathian region-A meta-analysis of long-term patterns and drivers of change', Land Use Policy, vol. 38, pp. 685 - 697,

Walker S; Meredith J; Robinson J; Wydick B, 2013, 'Keeping the Doctor Away: Experimental Evidence on Investment in Preventative Health Products', Journal of Development Economics, vol. 105, pp. 196 - 210,

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