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Gwyther DE; Keating SR; Kerry C; Roughan M, 2022, How does 4DVar data assimilation affect the vertical representation of mesoscale eddies? A case study with OSSEs using ROMS v3.9,

Gwyther DE; Kerry C; Roughan M; Keating SR, 2022, Observing system simulation experiments reveal that subsurface temperature observations improve estimates of circulation and heat content in a dynamic western boundary current,

Barthel A; Hogg AM; Waterman S; Keating SR, 2021, Baroclinic control of Southern Ocean eddy upwelling near topography,

Denes MC; Froyland G; Keating SR, 2021, Persistence and material coherence of a mesoscale ocean eddy,

Shakespeare CJ; Gibson AH; Hogg AM; Keating SR; Bachman SD; Velzeboer N, 2021, Lagrangian Filtering: A novel method for separating internal waves from non-wave flows in high-resolution simulations,

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