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Kolomenskiy D; Ravi S; Xu R; Ueyama K; Jakobi T; Engels T; Nakata T; Sesterhenn J; Schneider K; Onishi R; Liu H, 2019, 'The dynamics of passive feathering rotation in hovering flight of bumblebees', Journal of Fluids and Structures, vol. 91,

Li L; Liu A; Wang W; Ravi S; Fu R; Yu J; Xie G, 2019, 'Bottom-level motion control for robotic fish to swim in groups: Modeling and experiments', Bioinspiration and Biomimetics, vol. 14,

Ravi S; Garcia JE; Wang C; Dyer AG, 2016, 'The answer is blowing in the wind: Free-flying honeybees can integrate visual and mechano-sensory inputs for making complex foraging decisions', Journal of Experimental Biology, vol. 219, pp. 3465 - 3472,

Ravi S; Kolomenskiy D; Engels T; Schneider K; Wang C; Sesterhenn J; Liu H, 2016, 'Bumblebees minimize control challenges by combining active and passive modes in unsteady winds', Scientific Reports, vol. 6,

Fisher A; Ravi S; Watkins S; Watmuff J; Wang C; Liu H; Petersen P, 2016, 'The gust-mitigating potential of flapping wings', Bioinspiration and Biomimetics, vol. 11,

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