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Lewis RE; Davy SK; Gardner SG; Rongo T; Suggett DJ; Nitschke MR, 2022, 'Colony self-shading facilitates Symbiodiniaceae cohabitation in a South Pacific coral community', Coral Reefs,

Fujise L; Suggett DJ; Stat M; Kahlke T; Bunce M; Gardner SG; Goyen S; Woodcock S; Ralph PJ; Seymour JR; Siboni N; Nitschke MR, 2021, 'Unlocking the phylogenetic diversity, primary habitats, and abundances of free-living Symbiodiniaceae on a coral reef', Molecular Ecology, vol. 30, pp. 343 - 360,

Camp EF; Suggett DJ; Pogoreutz C; Nitschke MR; Houlbreque F; Hume BCC; Gardner SG; Zampighi M; Rodolfo-Metalpa R; Voolstra CR, 2020, 'Corals exhibit distinct patterns of microbial reorganisation to thrive in an extreme inshore environment', Coral Reefs, vol. 39, pp. 701 - 716,

Leggat WP; Camp EF; Suggett DJ; Heron SF; Fordyce AJ; Gardner S; Deakin L; Turner M; Beeching LJ; Kuzhiumparambil U; Eakin CM; Ainsworth TD, 2019, 'Rapid Coral Decay Is Associated with Marine Heatwave Mortality Events on Reefs', Current Biology, vol. 29, pp. 2723 - 2730.e4,

Gardner SG; Camp EF; Smith DJ; Kahlke T; Osman EO; Gendron G; Hume BCC; Pogoreutz C; Voolstra CR; Suggett DJ, 2019, 'Coral microbiome diversity reflects mass coral bleaching susceptibility during the 2016 El Niño heat wave', Ecology and Evolution, vol. 9, pp. 938 - 956,

Nitschke MR; Gardner SG; Goyen S; Fujise L; Camp EF; Ralph PJ; Suggett DJ, 2018, 'Utility of photochemical traits as diagnostics of thermal tolerance amongst great barrier reef corals', Frontiers in Marine Science, vol. 5,

Gardner SG; Raina JB; Nitschke MR; Nielsen DA; Stat M; Motti CA; Ralph PJ; Petrou K, 2017, 'A multi-trait systems approach reveals a response cascade to bleaching in corals', BMC biology, vol. 15, pp. 117,

Camp EF; Nitschke MR; Rodolfo-Metalpa R; Houlbreque F; Gardner SG; Smith DJ; Zampighi M; Suggett DJ, 2017, 'Reef-building corals thrive within hot-acidified and deoxygenated waters', Scientific Reports, vol. 7,

Gardner SG; Raina JB; Ralph PJ; Petrou K, 2017, 'Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and dimethylated sulphur compounds in coral explants under acute thermal stress', Journal of Experimental Biology, vol. 220, pp. 1787 - 1791,

Gardner SG; Nielsen DA; Laczka O; Shimmon R; Beltran VH; Ralph PJ; Petrou K, 2016, 'Dimethylsulfoniopropionate, superoxide dismutase and glutathione as stress response indicators in three corals under short-term hyposalinity stress', Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, vol. 283, pp. 1 - 9,

Gardner SG; Nielsen DA; Petrou K; Larkum AWD; Ralph PJ, 2015, 'Characterisation of coral explants: a model organism for cnidarian–dinoflagellate studies', Coral Reefs, vol. 34, pp. 133 - 142,

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