Select Publications


Schmidt T, 2016, Living in augmented times, SQUIDSILO, Sydney,

Schmidt T, 2014, The global politics of the stage: review of LIFT Festival 2014 (RealTime 122),

Schmidt T; Paterson M, 2012, Culture Will Eat Itself: Review of Trashing Performance 2011 (RealTime 107),

Schmidt T, 2009, Culture Crash: Things As They Are: Review of SPILL Festival 2009 (RealTime 91),

Schmidt T, 2008, Playing with the Audience: Review of Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2008 (RealTime 86),

Schmidt T, 2008, Gift Economy: Review of Shelia Ghelani, Covet Me, Care For Me (RealTime 84),

Schmidt T, 2008, The Theatre of Live Art: Review of Augusto Corrieri, Quartet (RealTime 84),

Schmidt T, 2008, It's Happening (Again): Review of Allan Kaprow: 18 Happenings in 6 Parts (Re-doing), Performa 07 (RealTime 83),

Schmidt T, 2008, Welsh Border Crossing: Review of Experimentica 07 (RealTime 83),

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