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Mulligan CS; Adams S; Moeller H; Whyte T; Soundappan SSV; Brown J, 2022, 'Comparative analysis of off-road vehicle crashes in children: motorcycles versus quad bikes', Injury Prevention, 28, pp. 526 - 532,

Whyte T; Lind E; Richards A; Eager D; Bilston LE; Brown J, 2022, 'Neck Loads During Head-First Entries into Trampoline Dismount Foam Pits: Considerations for Trampoline Park Safety', Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 50, pp. 691 - 702,

Parab A; Whyte T; Albanese B; Bilston L; Koppel S; Charlton JL; Olivier J; Keay L; Brown J, 2022, 'Can Age or Height Define Appropriate Thresholds for Transition to Adult Seat Belts? An Analysis of Observed Seat Belt Fit in Children Aged 7–12 Years', International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19, pp. 1524,

Whyte T; Kent N; Bilston LE; Brown J, 2022, 'Comparative performance of rearward and forward-facing child restraint systems with common use errors: Effect on crash injury risk for a 1-year-old occupant', Traffic Injury Prevention, 23, pp. 91 - 96,

Bilston LE; Mills E; Kent N; Brown J; Whyte T, 2022, 'Head excursion in frontal impacts is lower in high back booster seats than in forward facing child seats with internal harnesses designed for children up to 8 years of age', Traffic Injury Prevention, 23, pp. 244 - 249,

Whyte T; Kent N; Cernicchi A; Brown J, 2022, 'Mitigating fuel tank syndrome pelvic injuries–is there potential for rider worn protectors?', Traffic Injury Prevention, 23, pp. S50 - S55,

Sran R; Keay L; Coxon K; McAuley J; Whyte T; Brown J, 2021, 'Population-Level Incidence and Use-Related Factors of Comfort and Orthopedic Accessories Among Older Vehicle Occupants in NSW, Australia', Journal of Applied Gerontology, 40, pp. 1305 - 1313,

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Whyte T; Stuart C; Mallory A; Ghajari M; Plant D; Siegmund GP; Cripton PA, 2019, 'A review of impact testing methods for headgear in sports: Considerations for improved prevention of head injury through research and standards.', J Biomech Eng,

Meredith L; Albanese B; Whyte T; Gibson T; Fitzharris M; Baldock M; Brown J, 2019, 'Assessing the performance of motorcyclists’ impact protectors in simulated ATD knee and shoulder impacts', Traffic Injury Prevention, 20, pp. 169 - 173,

Dressler DM; Dennison CR; Whyte T; Cripton PA, 2019, 'A novel helmet-mounted device for reducing the potential of catastrophic cervical spine fractures and spinal cord injuries in head-first impacts.', Clin Biomech (Bristol, Avon), 64, pp. 22 - 27,

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Namjoshi DR; Cheng WH; Bashir A; Wilkinson A; Stukas S; Martens KM; Whyte T; Abebe ZA; McInnes KA; Cripton PA; Wellington CL, 2017, 'Defining the biomechanical and biological threshold of murine mild traumatic brain injury using CHIMERA (Closed Head Impact Model of Engineered Rotational Acceleration).', Exp Neurol, 292, pp. 80 - 91,

Whyte T; Gibson T; Eager D; Milthorpe B, 2016, 'Response of a full-face motorcycle helmet FE model to the UNECE 22.05 chin bar impact test', International Journal of Crashworthiness, 21, pp. 555 - 565,

Whyte T; Gibson T; Anderson R; Eager D; Milthorpe B, 2016, 'Mechanisms of Head and Neck Injuries Sustained by Helmeted Motorcyclists in Fatal Real-World Crashes: Analysis of 47 In-Depth Cases', Journal of Neurotrauma, 33, pp. 1802 - 1807,

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