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Zhu S-E; Wang L-L; Chen H; Yang W; Yuen A; Chen T; Luo C; Bi W-M; Hu E-Z; Zhang J; Si J-Y; Lu H-D; Hu K-H; Chan S; Yeoh G, 2018, Comparative Studies on Thermal, Mechanical, and Flame Retardant Properties of PBT Nanocomposites with Functionalized Amino-Carbon Nanotubes Modified by Different Oxidation State Phosphorus-containing Agents, ,

De Cachinho Cordeiro IM; Yuen ACY; Chen TBY; Wang W; Yang W; Chan QN; Yeoh GH, Comprehensive Md-Reaxff Study on Graphite Oxidation and Thermal Decomposition Mechanism Under Isothermal and Non-Isothermal Heating Scheme, ,

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