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Grima-Farrell C; Loughland T; Nguyen H, 2019, Theory to Practice in Teacher Education The Critical Challenge of Translation,

Loughland T, 2019, Teacher Adaptive Practices Extending Teacher Adaptability into Classroom Practice, Springer,

Book Chapters

Pei M; Loughland T; Wei J; Nguyen H, 2019, 'Building Teachers’ Collective Efficacy: An Insight from a Language Teacher Education Program in China.', in ,

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Walker K; Loughland T, 1998, 'Is this an Instruction Manual? An Introduction to Social Theory', in Sociology of Education, Possibilities and Practices, pp. 3 - 14

Journal articles

Loughland T; Alonzo D, 2019, 'Teacher adaptive practices: A key factor in teachers' implementation of assessment for learning', Australian Journal of Teacher Education, vol. 44, pp. 18 - 30,

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