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Phan TG, 2014, IgM autoantibodies: Roquin and Bob1ng to a different tune,

Mirzaei H; Grisan E; Chang J; Yang M; Phan T; Leong R, 2013, Computer-assisted automated image recognition of coeliac disease using confocal endomicroscopy, WILEY-BLACKWELL,

Yang MY; Leong RWL; Wong B; Liu K; Hillemand C; Kariyawasam V; Selinger C; Chang J; Danta M; Arshi M; Phan T, 2013, Intestinal barrier dysfunction as identified by confocal endomicroscopy in macroscopically normal terminal is useful in detecting inflammatory bowel disease and predicting requirement for treatment escalation, WILEY-BLACKWELL,

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