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Baú V, 2019, 'Re-designing the Media in Humanitarian Interventions. Communicating with communities at times of crisis', in Shaw I; Selvarajah S (ed.), Media, Human Rights and Conflicts: Reporting human rights in times of conflict, London, Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 67 - 81,

Calandro E; Baú V, 2019, 'Digital Media and Information Rights', in Hobbs R; Mihailidis P (ed.), The International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy, Wiley-Blackwell, Boston, pp. 1 - 13,

Baú V, 2019, 'Re-designing the Media in Humanitarian Interventions Communicating with Communities at Times of Crisis', in Reporting Human Rights, Conflicts, and Peacebuilding, Springer International Publishing, pp. 67 - 81,

Baú V, 2014, 'Communities and Media in the Aftermath of Conflict: participatory productions for reconciliation and peace', in Cultivating Peace: contexts, practices and multidimensional models, Cambridge University Press, pp. 266 - 282,

Baú V, 2014, 'Video Technology and Participatory Approaches to Peace – From technological determinism to self-empowerment and social change. An experience from Kenya', in Technological Determinism and Social Change: communication in a tech-mad world, Lexington Books, pp. 243 - 258

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