Select Publications


Baú V, 2020, Covid-19 and Conflict: communicating for peace during a global health crisis,

Baú V, 2018, Communicating with Communities during Conflict. “Mediated” avenues to inform those in needs,

Baú V, 2016, Using Participatory Photography for Peace. A short guide for practitioners, Search for Common Ground, Washington DC,

Baú V, 2015, Gender and Peace after 2015… and why communication should be more than a cross cutting approach, World Association for Christian Communication (WACC), Toronto,

Baú V, 2014, Evaluating the Impact of Participatory Media for Conflict Transformation, Search for Common Ground, Washington DC,

Baú V, 2014, Transforming Conflict into Peace, Oxford University Press, Oxford,

Baú V, 2013, Five Years on: identity and Kenya's post-election violence,

Baú V, 2013, Peace Initiatives on the Sotik/Borabu border in Kenya,

Baú V, 2013, My ICA2013. Navigating the London conference in a quest for Development Communication…and beyond, Malmö University, Malmö,

Baú V, 2009, Media relations and democracy - An analysis of communication through media relations practice and its role in liberal democratic societies, Civicus, South Africa,

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