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Baú V, 2020, Covid-19 and Conflict: communicating for peace during a global health crisis, ,

Baú V, 2018, Communicating with Communities during Conflict. “Mediated” avenues to inform those in needs, ,

Baú V, 2016, Using Participatory Photography for Peace. A short guide for practitioners, Search for Common Ground, Washington DC, ,

Baú V, 2015, Gender and Peace after 2015… and why communication should be more than a cross cutting approach, World Association for Christian Communication (WACC), Toronto, ,

Baú V, 2014, Evaluating the Impact of Participatory Media for Conflict Transformation, Search for Common Ground, Washington DC, ,

Baú V, 2014, Transforming Conflict into Peace, Oxford University Press, Oxford, ,

Baú V, 2013, Five Years on: identity and Kenya's post-election violence, ,

Baú V, 2013, Peace Initiatives on the Sotik/Borabu border in Kenya, ,

Baú V, 2013, My ICA2013. Navigating the London conference in a quest for Development Communication…and beyond, Malmö University, Malmö, ,

Baú V, 2009, Media relations and democracy - An analysis of communication through media relations practice and its role in liberal democratic societies, Civicus, South Africa, ,

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