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Baú V, 2021, Re-thinking the Representation of Refugee Children and Adolescents in the Media. Views from Italy’s frontline,

Baú V; Georgeou N; Kreemers D, 2021, Media, Art and Stories. Enabling communities’ creative expression in Sydney’s West, University of New South Wales, Sydney,

Baú V, 2020, Communicating with Unaccompanied Foreign Minors: How UN agencies engage with newly arrived migrant and refugee children in Italy, RESPOND Migration project, 2020/71,,

Baú V; Burnside M; Cook S; Bartlett A; Ridley K, 2020, Exploring the Meaning of Impact in Development Research, Institute for Global Development, UNSW Sydney, Sydney,,

Baú V; Joshi B, 2019, Leading Inclusive Development using Media and Communication,

Baú V; Brimacombe T, 2017, Media Approaches to Communicating for Development, UNSW Australia, Sydney,

Baú V; Brimacombe T, 2015, Communication for Development Approaches in the Australian NGO Sector and Academia, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia,

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