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Boon-Kuo L; Brodie A; Keene-McCann J; Sentas V; Weber L, 2021, 'Policing biosecurity: police enforcement of special measures in New South Wales and Victoria during the COVID-19 pandemic', Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 33, pp. 76 - 88,

Grewcock M; Sentas V, 2021, 'Strip searches, Police power and the infliction of harm: An analysis of the New South Wales strip search regime.', International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy. Advance online publication.,

Sentas V; Grewcock M, 2018, 'Criminal law as police power: Serious crime, unsafe protest and risks to public safety', International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 7, pp. 75 - 90,

Sentas V, 2018, 'Redfern Legal Centre: Challenging Everyday Police Powers', Court of Conscience, pp. 40 - 45

Sentas V, 2018, 'Terrorist Organization Proscription as Counterinsurgency in the Kurdish Conflict', Terrorism and Political Violence, 30, pp. 298 - 317,

Bastable E; Sentas V, 2016, 'Over policing Indigenous Youth: The Suspect Target Management Plan', Human Rights Defender, 5, pp. 16 - 16

Sentas V, 2016, 'Policing the Diaspora: Kurdish Londoners, MI5 and the Proscription of Terrorist Organizations in the United Kingdom', British Journal of Criminology, 56, pp. 898 - 918,

Sentas V; McMahon R, 2014, 'Changes to Police Powers of Arrest in New South Wales', Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 25, pp. 785 - 801,

Sentas V, 2010, 'Terrorist Organisation Offences and the LTTE: R v Vinayagamoorth', Current Issues in Criminal Justice, pp. 159 - 169

Sentas V, 2010, 'The Violence of Terrorist Organisation Bans', Criminal Justice Matters, 82, pp. 16 - 17,

Sentas V; Whyte J, 2009, 'Law, Crisis, Revolution', Australian Feminist Law Journal, 31, pp. 3 - 14,

Pettitt A; Sentas V, 2005, 'Terrorism', Alternative Law Journal, 30, pp. 283 - 285,

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