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Tamm T; Hallikainen P; Tim Y, 2022, 'Creative analytics: Towards data-inspired creative decisions', Information Systems Journal, vol. 32, pp. 729 - 753,

Pan SL; Carter L; Tim Y; Sandeep MS, 2022, 'Digital sustainability, climate change, and information systems solutions: Opportunities for future research', International Journal of Information Management, vol. 63,

Tim Y; Cui L; Sheng Z, 2021, 'Digital resilience: How rural communities leapfrogged into sustainable development', Information Systems Journal, vol. 31, pp. 323 - 345,

Tim Y; Ouyang T; Zeng D, 2020, 'Back to the future: Actualizing technology affordances to transform Emperor Qin's terracotta warriors Museum', Information and Management, vol. 57, pp. 103271 - 103271,

Zeng D; Tim Y; Yu J; Liu W, 2020, 'Actualizing big data analytics for smart cities: A cascading affordance study', International Journal of Information Management, vol. 54,

Tim Y; Hallikainen P; Pan S; Tamm T, 2020, 'Actualizing business analytics for organizational transformation: A case study of Rovio Entertainment', European Journal of Operational Research, vol. 281, pp. 642 - 655,

Tim Y; Pan SL; Bahri S; Fauzi A, 2018, 'Digitally enabled affordances for community-driven environmental movement in rural Malaysia', Information Systems Journal, vol. 28, pp. 48 - 75,

Tim Y; Pan SL; Bahri S; Fauzi A, 2017, 'Digitally enabled crime-fighting communities: Harnessing the boundary spanning competence of social media for civic engagement', Information and Management, vol. 54, pp. 177 - 188,

Tim Y; Pan SL; Ractham P; Kaewkitipong L, 2017, 'Digitally enabled disaster response: the emergence of social media as boundary objects in a flooding disaster', Information Systems Journal, vol. 27, pp. 197 - 232,

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