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Journal articles

Li Y-C, 2020, 'Translating Happenings: Frog King Kwok's Abject Play', Art in Translation,

Li Y-C, 2020, 'The Edge of the World',,

Li Y-C, 2019, 'Stranger from the Mountain and the Sea',,

Li Y-C, 2019, 'He Yunchang: A Buddhist’s Approach to the Unspeakable', Art Monthly Australasia

Li Y-C, 2018, 'From Black Box to White Cube: Curating and Collecting Performance Art at the Museum of Modern Art 從黑盒子到白盒子:紐約現代美術館行為藝術的策展、收藏 與空間規劃', Modern Art 現代美術

Li Y-C, 2017, 'Beatrice Glow: Rhunhattan [Tearoom]', Asian Diasporic Visual Cultures and the Americas, vol. 3, pp. 221 - 225,

Li Y-C, 2015, 'New Boundaries of Contemporary Art from Taiwan', Yishu Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art

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