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WHO Guidelines Development Group , 2016, World Health Organization Guidelines on Core Components of Infection Prevention and Control Programmes at the National and Acute Health Care Facility Level, World Health Organization, World Health Organization, na, na,

Bennett N; Berenger S; Bull A; Cartwright D; Clezy K; Collignon P; Coombs G; Cooper C; Christiansen K; Cruikshank M; Dreimanis D; Duguid M; Ferguson JK; Forrest J; VanGessel HJ; Gilbert G; Gill A; Givney N; Grayson ML; Harrington G; Halton KH; Hunt C; Iredell J; Isaacs D; Johnson P; Jorm C; King S; Marshall C; McGechie D; McLaws M; McNeil V, 2008, Reducing harm to patients from health care associated infection: the role of surveillance:Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare, Commonwealth of Australia, Canberra,$File/FullFinal-ReducingHarm.PDF

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Nimmo G; Pearson J; Christiansen K; Coombs G; Collignon P; McLaws M, 2006, Staphylococcus aureus Programme 2006 (SAP 2006) Community Survey Antimicrobial Susceptibility Repor,

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