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Liu C; Sepasgozar SME; Zhang Q; Ge L, 2022, 'A novel attention-based deep learning method for post-disaster building damage classification', Expert Systems with Applications, vol. 202, pp. 117268 - 117268,

Zhang Q; Ge L; Hensley S; Isabel Metternicht G; Liu C; Zhang R, 2022, 'PolGAN: A deep-learning-based unsupervised forest height estimation based on the synergy of PolInSAR and LiDAR data', ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, vol. 186, pp. 123 - 139,

Liu C; M.E. Sepasgozar S; Shirowzhan S; Mohammadi G, 2022, 'Applications of object detection in modular construction based on a comparative evaluation of deep learning algorithms', Construction Innovation, vol. 22, pp. 141 - 159,

Zhang Q; Ge L; Zhang R; Metternicht GI; Liu C; Du Z, 2021, 'Towards a deep-learning-based framework of sentinel-2 imagery for automated active fire detection', Remote Sensing, vol. 13, pp. 4790 - 4790,

Liu C; Shirowzhan S; Sepasgozar S; Kaboli S, 2019, 'Evaluation of Classical Operators and Fuzzy Logic Algorithms for Edge Detection of Panels at Exterior Cladding of Buildings', Buildings, vol. 9, pp. 40 - 40,

Sun T; Xu Z; Yuan J; Liu C; Ren A, 2017, 'Virtual experiencing and pricing of room views based on BIM and oblique photogrammetry', CREATIVE CONSTRUCTION CONFERENCE 2017, CCC 2017, vol. 196, pp. 1122 - 1129,

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