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Schaffer AL; Bruno C; Buckley NA; Cairns R; Litchfield M; Paget S; Zoega H; Nassar N; Pearson SA, 2022, 'Prescribed medicine use and extent of off-label use according to age in a nationwide sample of Australian children', Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology, vol. 36, pp. 726 - 737,

Bruno C; Havard A; Hanly M; Falster K; Nassar N; Edwards B; Guastella AJ; Pearson SA; Zoega H, 2022, 'Children's Relative Age and Medicine Treatment for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Across Australian Jurisdictions with Different School Enrolment Policies', Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology, vol. 32, pp. 349 - 357,

Daniels B; Schaffer A; Buckley NA; Bruno C; Jun M; Pearson SA; Zoega H, 2022, 'The impact of tightened prescribing restrictions on proton pump inhibitor use in Australia: An evaluation using interrupted time series analysis', Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety, vol. 31, pp. 370 - 378,

Bruno C; Havard A; Gillies MB; Coghill D; Brett J; Guastella AJ; Pearson SA; Zoega H, 2022, 'Patterns of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medicine use in the era of new non-stimulant medicines: A population-based study among Australian children and adults (2013–2020)', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry,

Daniels B; Healey P; Bruno C; Kaan I; Zoega H, 2021, 'Medicine treatment of glaucoma in Australia 2012-2019: Prevalence, incidence and persistence', BMJ Open Ophthalmology, vol. 6,

Pearson SA; Pratt N; Costa JDO; Zoega H; Laba TL; Etherton-Beer C; Sanfilippo FM; Morgan A; Ellett LK; Bruno C; Kelty E; Ijzerman M; Preen DB; Vajdic CM; Henry D, 2021, 'Generating real-world evidence on the quality use, benefits and safety of medicines in australia: History, challenges and a roadmap for the future', International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol. 18, pp. 13345 - 13345,

de Oliveira Costa J; Bruno C; Baranwal N; Gisev N; Dobbins TA; Degenhardt L; Pearson SA, 2021, 'Variations in Long-term Opioid Therapy Definitions: A Systematic Review of Observational Studies Using Routinely Collected Data (2000-2019)', British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, vol. 87, pp. 3706 - 3720,

De Oliveira Costa J; Bruno C; Schaffer AL; Raichand S; Karanges EA; Pearson SA, 2021, 'The changing face of Australian data reforms: Impact on pharmacoepidemiology research', International Journal of Population Data Science, vol. 6,

Daniels B; Pearson SA; Buckley NA; Bruno C; Schaffer A; Zoega H, 2021, 'Coming to grips with seemingly conflicting results in programme evaluation: The devil's in the detail', BMJ Quality and Safety, vol. 30, pp. 70 - 71,

Bruno C; Pearson SA; Daniels B; Buckley NA; Schaffer A; Zoega H, 2020, 'Passing the acid test? Evaluating the impact of national education initiatives to reduce proton pump inhibitor use in Australia', BMJ Quality and Safety, vol. 29, pp. 365 - 373,

Daniels B; Pearson SA; Buckley NA; Bruno C; Zoega H, 2020, 'Long-term use of proton-pump inhibitors: whole-of-population patterns in Australia 2013–2016', Therapeutic Advances in Gastroenterology, vol. 13,

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