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Xi H; Aussel D; Liu W; Waller ST; Rey D, 2021, 'Single-leader multi-follower games for the regulation of two-sided Mobility-as-a-Service markets', ,

Xi H; He L; Zhang Y; Wang Z, 2021, 'Differentiable road pricing for environment-oriented electric vehicle and gasoline vehicle users in the bi-objective transportation network', Transportation Letters, pp. 1 - 15,

Xi H; Liu W; Rey D; Waller ST; Kilby P, 2020, 'Incentive-compatible mechanisms for online resource allocation in mobility-as-a-service systems', ,

Xi H; He L; Zhang Y; Wang Z, 2020, 'Bounding the efficiency gain of differentiable road pricing for EVs and GVs to manage congestion and emissions', PLoS ONE, vol. 15,

He L; Xi H; Guo T; Tang K, 2020, 'A Generalized Dynamic Potential Energy Model for Multiagent Path Planning', Journal of Advanced Transportation, vol. 2020,

Hu T; Guo Q; Shen X; Sun H; Wu R; Xi H, 2019, 'Utilizing Unlabeled Data to Detect Electricity Fraud in AMI: A Semisupervised Deep Learning Approach', IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NEURAL NETWORKS AND LEARNING SYSTEMS, vol. 30, pp. 3287 - 3299,

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