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McKeon G; Palmer EE; Macintosh R; Nevin SM; Wheatley L; Rosenbaum S, 2021, 'Feasibility of a mental health informed physical activity intervention for the carers of children with developmental and epileptic encephalopathy', Epilepsy and Behavior, vol. 121, pp. 108022,

Nevin SM; Wakefield CE; Barlow-Stewart K; McGill BC; Bye A; Palmer EE; Dale RC; Gill D; Kothur K; Boggs K; Le Marne F; Beavis E; Macintosh R; Sachdev R, 2021, 'Psychosocial impact of genetic testing on parents of children with developmental and epileptic encephalopathy', Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology,

Nevin SM; McLoone J; Wakefield CE; Kennedy SE; McCarthy HJ, 2020, 'Genetic Testing in the Pediatric Nephrology Clinic: Understanding Families' Experiences', JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC GENETICS,

Nevin SM; Wakefield CE; Schilstra CE; McGill BC; Bye A; Palmer EE, 2020, 'The information needs of parents of children with early-onset epilepsy: A systematic review', Epilepsy and Behavior, vol. 112, pp. 107382 - 107382,

Gleeson M; Kentwell M; Meiser B; Do J; Nevin S; Taylor N; Barlow-Stewart K; Kirk J; James P; Scott CL; Williams R; Gamet K; Burke J; Murphy M; Antill YC; Pearn A; Pachter N; Ebzery C; Poplawski N; Friedlander M; Tucker KM, 2020, 'The development and evaluation of a nationwide training program for oncology health professionals in the provision of genetic testing for ovarian cancer patients', Gynecologic Oncology, vol. 158, pp. 431 - 439,

Nevin SM; Vartanian LR, 2017, 'The stigma of clean dieting and orthorexia nervosa', Journal of Eating Disorders, vol. 5,

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