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Waddington K; Khojasteh D; Marshall L; Rayner D; Glamore W, 2022, 'Quantifying the Effects of Sea Level Rise on Estuarine Drainage Systems', Water Resources Research, vol. 58,

Sadat-Noori M; Rankin C; Rayner D; Heimhuber V; Gaston T; Drummond C; Chalmers A; Khojasteh D; Glamore W, 2021, 'Coastal wetlands can be saved from sea level rise by recreating past tidal regimes', Scientific Reports, vol. 11,

Glamore W; Rayner D; Ruprecht J; Sadat-Noori M; Khojasteh D, 2021, 'Eco-hydrology as a driver for tidal restoration: Observations from a Ramsar wetland in eastern Australia', PLoS ONE, vol. 16, pp. e0254701,

Rayner D; Glamore W; Grandquist L; Ruprecht J; Waddington K; Khojasteh D, 2021, 'Intertidal wetland vegetation dynamics under rising sea levels', Science of the Total Environment, vol. 766,

Ruprecht JE; Glamore WC; Rayner DS, 2018, 'Estuarine dynamics and acid sulfate soil discharge: Quantifying a conceptual model', Ecological Engineering, vol. 110, pp. 172 - 184,

Rayner DS; Glamore WC; Ruprecht JE, 2015, 'Predicting the buffering of acid plumes within estuaries', Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, vol. 164, pp. 56 - 64,

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