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Journal articles

Zhu J; He B; Tang W; Thompson S, 2020, 'Community blemish or new dawn for the public realm? Governance challenges for self-claimed gardens in urban China', Cities, vol. 102,

Tang W; Zhu J, 2020, 'Informality and rural industry: Rethinking the impacts of E-Commerce on rural development in China', Journal of Rural Studies, vol. 75, pp. 20 - 29,

Zhu J; Li B; Pawson H, 2019, 'The end of ‘toleration’? Policy ambiguity and converted-housing occupancy in China', Housing Studies,

He BJ; Zhu J; Zhao DX; Gou ZH; Qi JD; Wang J, 2019, 'Co-benefits approach: Opportunities for implementing sponge city and urban heat island mitigation', Land Use Policy, vol. 86, pp. 147 - 157,

Qi JD; He BJ; Wang M; Zhu J; Fu WC, 2019, 'Do grey infrastructures always elevate urban temperature? No, utilizing grey infrastructures to mitigate urban heat island effects', Sustainable Cities and Society, vol. 46,

Zhu J; Li Q; Wang L, 2019, 'From Passive Recession to Smart Shrinking: The Transformation Trend and Path of "Planning for Shrinkage" of Small Towns in Metropolitan Suburbs', City Planning Review, vol. 43, pp. 34 - 40,

Zhu J; Li B; He B, 2019, 'Is linked migration overlooked in peri-urban Shanghai? Uncovering the domino effect of driving away interregional migrants', Habitat International,

He BJ; Zhao DX; Zhu J; Darko A; Gou ZH, 2018, 'Promoting and implementing urban sustainability in China: An integration of sustainable initiatives at different urban scales', Habitat International, vol. 82, pp. 83 - 93,

He B; Zhu J, 2018, 'Constructing community gardens? Residents’ attitude and behaviour towards edible landscapes in emerging urban communities of China', Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, vol. 34, pp. 154 - 165,

Zhu J; Tang W, 2018, 'Conflict and compromise in planning decision-making: How does a Chinese local government negotiate its construction land quota with higher-level governments?', Environment and Urbanization, vol. 30, pp. 155 - 174,

Meng F-Q; He B; Zhu J; Zhao DONG-XUE; Darko A; Zhao Z-Q, 2018, 'Sensitivity analysis of wind pressure coefficients on CAARC standard tall buildings in CFD simulations', Journal of Building Engineering, vol. 16, pp. 146 - 158,

Zhu J; Wang C, 2017, 'Renewal Strategies of Shanty Areas in Metropolitan Suburbs: A Case Study of Jiading District, Shanghai', Shanghai Urban Planning Review, pp. 111 - 115,

Zhu J; Pan J; Zhao W; Zhu X, 2016, 'Study on the Phenomenon of Space Transformation from Greenland to Vegetable Plots and Resulting Conflicts in Urban Residential Areas:Case of Hangzhou Gudang Residential Area', Urban Planning International, vol. 31, pp. 90 - 97,

Hao J; Zhu J; Zhong R, 2015, 'The rise of big data on urban studies and planning practices in China: Review and open research issues', JOURNAL OF URBAN MANAGEMENT, vol. 4, pp. 92 - 124,

Zhu J; Pan J; Zhu X, 2015, 'Features of Dongjing's Commercial Space in the Northern Song Dynasty: An Interpretation Based on Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival', China City Planning Review, vol. 24, pp. 66 - 75,

Zhu J; Zhao M, 2014, 'From Structural Imbalance to Rebalance:The Current Situation and Future Trend of China’s Urbanization Development', Shanghai Urban Planning Review, pp. 47 - 55,

Zhu J, 2014, 'Dilemmas and Counter-Measures of Peri Urbanization Phenomena in Metropolitan Suburbs: The Case Study of Shanghai', Urban Planning Forum, pp. 13 - 21,

Conference Presentations

Zhu J; Li B; Pawson H, 2018, 'A trap for all: insecure homeownership of commercial property converted apartments in China', presented at A symposium: “The role of housing in China’s social transformation”, Hong Kong, 25 June 2018 - 26 June 2018,

Zhu J; He B, 'A New Agenda for Planning Our Communities?  Governance Challenges of ‘Guerrilla Gardening’ in  Urban China', presented at The 13th International Association for China Planning (IACP) Conference, Chengdu, China, 14 June 2019 - 16 June 2019

Hao J; Zhu J, 'Why Tenants Defend Their Inexistent Property Rights and  Who Compromise? Social Networks and Growing  Bargaining Power in the Process of Settlement Demolition', presented at The 13th International Association for China Planning (IACP) Conference, Chengdu, China, 14 June 2019 - 16 June 2019

Hao J; Zhu J, 'Dominant tenants and submissive landlords: how has the landlord been disadvantaged during the rural settlement demolition process in peri-urban Shanghai?', presented at Australian Social Policy Conference 2019, UNSW, Sydney, 09 September 2019 - 11 September 2019,


Zhu J; Li B; Pawson H, 2019, The rise and fall of converted housing in urban China, East Asian Bureau of Economic Research (EABER) and the South Asian Bureau of Economic Research (SABER)., Australian National University,

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