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Zhu J; He B; Tang W; Thompson S, 2020, 'Community blemish or new dawn for the public realm? Governance challenges for self-claimed gardens in urban China', Cities, vol. 102,

Tang W; Zhu J, 2020, 'Informality and rural industry: Rethinking the impacts of E-Commerce on rural development in China', Journal of Rural Studies, vol. 75, pp. 20 - 29,

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Zhu J; Li B; He B, 2019, 'Is linked migration overlooked in peri-urban Shanghai? Uncovering the domino effect of driving away interregional migrants', Habitat International,

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Zhu J, 2014, 'Dilemmas and Counter-Measures of Peri Urbanization Phenomena in Metropolitan Suburbs: The Case Study of Shanghai', Urban Planning Forum, pp. 13 - 21,

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