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Castex Hernandez G; Dechter E; Lorca M, 2020, 'COVID-19: Cross-country heterogeneity in effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions', COVID ECONOMICS, VETTED AND REAL-TIME PAPERS, vol. 14,

Correa JA; Gutiérrez P; Lorca M; Morales R; Parro F, 2019, 'The persistent effect of socioeconomic status on education and labor market outcomes', Applied Economic Analysis, vol. 27, pp. 62 - 90,

Correa JA; Lorca M; Parro F, 2019, 'Measuring the impact of financial taxation on capital: evidence from Chilean manufacturing plants', JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECONOMICS, vol. 22, pp. 23 - 39,

Correa JA; Lorca M; Parro F, 2019, 'Capital-Skill Complementarity: Does Capital Composition Matter?', SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS, vol. 121, pp. 89 - 116,

Lardone MC; Argandoña F; Lorca M; Piottante A; Flórez M; Palma C; Ebensperger M; Castro A, 2018, 'Leydig cell dysfunction is associated with post-transcriptional deregulation of CYP17A1 in men with Sertoli cell-only syndrome.', Mol Hum Reprod, vol. 24, pp. 203 - 210,

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