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Ali MT; Le-Clech P; Taylor RA, 2021, 'Assessment of physicochemical performance of draw compounds for desalination using multi-criteria analysis', Desalination, vol. 507, pp. 114859 - 114859,

Lindahl PA; Ali MT; Armstrong P; Aboulian A; Donnal J; Norford L; Leeb SB, 2020, 'Nonintrusive Load Monitoring of Variable Speed Drive Cooling Systems', IEEE Access, vol. 8, pp. 211451 - 211463,

Ali MT; Sarfraz O; Armstrong PR, 2018, 'Energy performance of GCC-specification LCC optimized dedicated outdoor air system configurations coupled to an air-cooled outdoor unit', Energy and Buildings, vol. 158, pp. 417 - 430,

Naseema Beegum S; Ben Romdhane H; Ali MT; Armstrong P; Ghedira H, 2016, 'Optical and radiative properties of aerosols over Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates', Journal of Earth System Science, vol. 125, pp. 1579 - 1602,

Mokhtar M; Ali MT; Khalilpour R; Abbas A; Shah N; Hajaj AA; Armstrong P; Chiesa M; Sgouridis S, 2012, 'Solar-assisted Post-combustion Carbon Capture feasibility study', Applied Energy, vol. 92, pp. 668 - 676,

Ali MT; Fath HES; Armstrong PR, 2011, 'A comprehensive techno-economical review of indirect solar desalination', Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol. 15, pp. 4187 - 4199,

Ali MT; Mokhtar M; Chiesa M; Armstrong P, 2011, 'A cooling change-point model of community-aggregate electrical load', Energy and Buildings, vol. 43, pp. 28 - 37,

Mokhtar M; Ali MT; Bräuniger S; Afshari A; Sgouridis S; Armstrong P; Chiesa M, 2010, 'Systematic comprehensive techno-economic assessment of solar cooling technologies using location-specific climate data', Applied Energy, vol. 87, pp. 3766 - 3778,

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