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Mahmud K; Peng W; Morsalin S; Ravishankar J, 2019, 'A Day-Ahead Power Demand Prediction for Distribution-Side Peak Load Management', in Intelligent Technologies and Robotics, Proceedings of International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence, Springer, Singapore,

Morsalin S; Mahmud K; Phung T; Ravishankar J, 2019, 'Grid integration and management of EVs through machine-to-machine communication', in ICT for Electric Vehicle Integration with the Smart Grid, IET, pp. 37 - 65,

Mahmud K; M. H; Shidujaman M; Morsalin S; Koçar G, 2016, 'A Heuristic Approach to Design and Analyze the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrain and Energy Transmission Systems', in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Proceedings of International Conference on Intelligent Computing, Springer, Cham,

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