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Khan S; Guivant J, 2022, Design and implementation of proximal planning and control of an unmanned ground vehicle in the dynamic environment,

Khan S; Batool A, 2021, Efficient and Unique learning of the Complex Receiver Structure of Galileo E5 AltBOC using an Educational Software in Matlab,

Khan S; Guivant J, 2021, Fast nonlinear model predictive planner and control for an unmanned ground vehicle in the presence of disturbances and dynamic obstacles,

Safdar U; Javed Y; Khan S; Hussain Jeffery M; Naeem N, 2021, Learning Outcome-Based Teaching of Power Electronics and Electric Machines Hybrid Laboratory Using ABAL Method,

Li X; Guivant J; Khan S, 2020, Real-time 3D object proposal generation and classification under limited processing resources,

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