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Luu W; Zangerl B; Kalloniatis M; Kim J, 2021, 'Effects of stereopsis on vection, presence and cybersickness in head-mounted display (HMD) virtual reality', Scientific Reports, 11, pp. 12373,

Kim J; Palmisano S; Luu W; Iwasaki S, 2021, 'Effects of Linear Visual-Vestibular Conflict on Presence, Perceived Scene Stability and Cybersickness in the Oculus Go and Oculus Quest', Frontiers in Virtual Reality, 2,

Chowdhury NS; Luu W; Palmisano S; Ujike H; Kim J, 2021, 'Spatial presence depends on ‘coupling’ between body sway and visual motion presented on head-mounted displays (HMDs)', Applied Ergonomics, 92, pp. 103355,

Luu W; Zangerl B; Kalloniatis M; Palmisano S; Kim J, 2021, 'Vision impairment provides new insight into self-motion perception', Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 62,

Kim J; Luu W; Palmisano S, 2020, 'Multisensory integration and the experience of scene instability, presence and cybersickness in virtual environments', Computers in Human Behavior, 113, pp. 106484,

Luu W; Kalloniatis M; Bartley E; Tu M; Dillon L; Zangerl B; Ly A, 2020, 'A holistic model of low vision care for improving vision-related quality of life', Clinical and Experimental Optometry, 103, pp. 733 - 741,

Chen E; Luu W; Chen R; Rafik A; Ryu Y; Zangerl B; Kim J, 2020, 'Virtual Reality Improves Clinical Assessment of the Optic Nerve', Frontiers in Virtual Reality, 1,

, 2019, 'The 15th Asia-Pacific Conferenceon Vision (APCV), 2019', i-Perception, 10, pp. 204166951987798 - 204166951987798,

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