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Özgür A; Lemaignan S; Johal W; Mondada F; Dillenbourg P, 2019, Magnet-assisted ball drive

Johal W; Castellano G; Tanaka F; Okita S, 2018, Robots for learning, Springer Netherlands

Jacq A; Johal W; Dillenbourg P, Non-recursive Approach for Mutual Understanding

Yadollahi E; Johal W; Dias J; Dillenbourg P; Paiva A, Studying the Effect of Robot Frustration on Children’s Change of Perspective

Guneysu A; Johal W; Ozgur A; Dillenbourg P, Tangible Robots Mediated Collaborative Rehabilitation Design: Can we Find Inspiration from Scripting Collaborative Learning?

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