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Kintominas A; Berg L; Farbenblum B, 2021, 'Technology for engaging and empowering migrant workers', in Technology for engaging and empowering migrant workers, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, UK / USA, pp. 236 - 250,

Journal articles

Hamilton M; Hill E; Kintominas A, 2021, 'Moral Geographies of Care across Borders: The Experience of Migrant Grandparents in Australia', Social Politics,

Hamilton M; Kintominas A; Adamson E, 2021, 'Childcare by migrant nannies and migrant grannies: A critical discourse analysis of new policy solutions for securing reproductive labor in Australian households', Gender, Work and Organization,

Kintominas A, 2020, 'Women, work and care in the Asia-Pacific', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CARE AND CARING, vol. 4, pp. 451 - 452,

Berg L; Farbenblum B; Kintominas A, 2020, 'Addressing Exploitation in Supply Chains: Is technology a game changer for worker voice?', The Anti-Trafficking Review, pp. 47 - 66,

Conference Presentations

Kintominas A, 2019, '‘Intimate gigs & digital hustles: gendering new digital terrains of social reproduction & precarious work’', presented at Digital Intimacies, Monash University, 11 December 2019 - 11 December 2019

Kintominas A, 2019, '‘Problematizing the tight-rope between work & non-work: an intervention in theorizing on social reproduction’', presented at Melbourne Doctoral Forum on Legal Theory, Melbourne Law School., 10 December 2019 - 10 December 2019

Kintominas A, 2019, '‘Social reproduction: end of theory, or theory for end of times?’', presented at Law & Society Association of Australia & New Zealand Conference, Southern Cross University (Gold Coast)., 06 December 2019 - 06 December 2019

Hamilton M; Adamson E; Kintominas A, 2019, 'Migrant nannies and migrant grannies: new migration pathways and in-home childcare in Australia', presented at Australian Social Policy Conference, UNSW Sydney, 09 September 2019 - 11 September 2019

Kintominas A, 2019, 'Problematizing the boundaries between work & non-work: social reproduction and its potential for an intersectional, materialist feminist legal agenda', presented at feminist provocations 2019: revisiting methods, practices and strategies, UNSW Sydney, 23 August 2019 - 24 August 2019


Berg L; Farbenblum B; Huang Y; Lee D; Saleh S; Sharma A; Kintominas A, 2020, "As If We Weren't Humans": The abandonment of temporary migrants in Australia during COVID-19, Migrant Worker Justice Initiative,

Farbenblum B; Berg L; Kintominas A, 2018, Transformative Technology for Migrant Workers: Opportunities, Challenges and Risks, Open Society Foundations, New York,,

Hamilton M; Kintominas A; Brennan D, 2018, The Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa, Migrant Grandparents and Transnational Family Life, UNSW Sydney, Sydney,,

Finkelstein A; Mac Dougall S; Kintominas A; Olsen A, 2016, Surrogacy Law and Policy in the U.S: A National Conversation Informed by Global Lawmaking,


Hamilton M; Kintominas A; Hill E, 2021, New research shows how hard it is for ‘flying grannies’ to care for their Australian grandkids,

Almendral A; Kintominas A, 2020, For domestic workers, apps provide solace — but not justice,

Kintominas A, 2019, Addressing economic abuse: can we bank on it?,

Gibson J; Kintominas A; Symington A, 2019, Business and Human Rights: Current and Future Challenges

Kintominas A, 2019, Business, human rights and gender equality: working towards an intersectional, feminist and transformative agenda,

Kintominas A; Hamilton M, 2019, Migrant grandparents to fill childcare gap, but at what cost?,


Baldassar L; Hill E; Hamilton M; Brennan D; Dymond T; Withers M; Stevens C; Kintominas A, 2020, Submission to the Select Committee on Temporary Migration on the impact temporary migration has on the Australian economy, wages and jobs, social cohesion and workplace rights and conditions,

Farbenblum B; Berg L; Kintominas A, 2018, Submission to Australian Human Rights Commission Consultation into Human Rights and Technology,

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