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Tjandra AD; Chang JYH; Ladame S; Chandrawati R, 2020, 'Chapter 1.2 - Optical sensors', in Ladame S; Chang JYH (ed.), Bioengineering Innovative Solutions for Cancer, Academic Press, pp. 23 - 45,

Journal articles

Weston M; Pham A-H; Tubman J; Gao Y; Tjandra AD; Chandrawati R, 2022, 'Polydiacetylene-based Sensors for Food Applications', Materials Advances,

Belfiore L; Aghaei B; Law AMK; Dobrowolski JC; Raftery LJ; Tjandra AD; Yee C; Piloni A; Volkerling A; Ferris CJ; Engel M, 2021, 'Generation and analysis of 3D cell culture models for drug discovery', European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, vol. 163, pp. 105876,

Tjandra AD; Weston M; Tang J; Kuchel RP; Chandrawati R, 2021, 'Solvent injection for polydiacetylene particle synthesis – effects of varying solvent, injection rate, monomers and needle size on polydiacetylene properties', Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, pp. 126497 - 126497,

Weston M; Tjandra AD; Chandrawati R, 2020, 'Tuning chromatic response, sensitivity, and specificity of polydiacetylene-based sensors', Polym. Chem., pp. - - -,

Tjandra AD; Huang J, 2018, 'Photocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction by photocatalyst innovation', Chinese Chemical Letters, vol. 29, pp. 734 - 746,

Tjandra AD; Pham A-H; Chandrawati R, 'Polydiacetylene-Based Sensors To Detect Volatile Organic Compounds', Chemistry of Materials, pp. null - null,

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